Wow!  I have only been with this group for a short time really, about 5 Months.  And I ran with my JSR Spartans TEAM in my 1st  Spartan Race.  I can't say "It was Just a Sprint Race" because anyone who has raced in one knows there is no "JUST" about it.  It is Only because of my Teammates who are Lead, Motivated and doggedly taught by an Amazing Instructor to BE MORE, GIVE MORE, TRUST YOURSELF MORE,  WORK MORE, SHOW UP MORE, UPLIFT MORE.. BELIEVE MORE!!

  From the very first day I was Welcomed and Inspired.  I was Motivated to think ELITE...

E  -  Encourage
L  -  Lead
I   -  Inspire
T  -  Train
E  -  Excellence

I have been instructed to be an ELITE Spartan Race runner.  Am I there yet?  No!!!  Will I ever be there given my History, Age and Physical limitations?  YES I WILL!!  Not with my body and on the podium physically.... but in my Mind,  as I run my own race I will focus on being ELITE as I am being Taught!  Not just for myself but for the other Man.  For my Team.  For the Pride of Running with Great Warriors.  Encouraging others in the Spartan ways, Leading others by example, Inspiring others to keep up the hard work, Train with the Best to be the Best, Exude Excellence every step of the way.  So when the Race is Run... When you jump that Fire and  Cross that finish line You have full and complete knowledge you gave Everything you had to Conquer!!!

I was Inspired to Pick a Word for this year.  A lot of people do this every year, however it is my first time to do so.  My word is " COURAGE ".  JSR Spartans has helped me to live my own Courage.  To put myself out there and Believe in myself to Greatness.  To work hard and know I am not alone and trust I am not just being given lip service but have those who will literally jump over the fire with me.  Mostly the Courage to Fall down and Get up and Get hurt and Heal and Uplift and Motivate and Smile and Laugh and Cheer and High five.   The Courage to just Show up and Live a life full of Fun and Crazy people, and yes that is an Unequivocal Compliment!!!