When I first started working out with Jeff I was entered in a stay fit challenge. As you would expect, we won. My goals at that time were to get my daughter exercising to improve her health physically but more importantly mentally. Jeff suggested a Spartan race and I was not interested. Two years later I finally decided I wanted to try this. When I started training for my first race I could not run 250 yards without having to use an inhaler. Tim told me it would get better. I said not with COPD. My goal was just to complete one sprint with my daughter. Well, Jeff and all of the members of this team were so supportive that even though I couldn’t complete all of the obstacles we finished. After that we kept going and completed the trifecta. Now I have not used an inhaler in over 2 1/2 years and lost over 50 pounds in that time. This team means sanity to me. It keeps me going to meet my goals. The friendships of this team are amazing. I do not believe I would have accomplished what I have without this team or Jeff.

For most of us we are lucky to have special people in enter our lives and inspire us. For some of us we are given an even more special gift, someone that touches our life in an extra special way that we accomplish things we never knew we could. Without a doubt, Jeff is that person for me and most likely many of the members of this team. These people are always someone you don’t like you love them the same as your closest family.